This initiative continues the Feralco Group's strategy of investing in activities related to the circular economy whereby introducing services such as environmental consultancy, waste disposal and recovery alongside the Group’s core business.


Feralco Italia,  the Italian subsidiary of the Feralco AB Group, is pleased to announce the acquisition of ECO 92 which is headquartered in Milan and operates in the environmental sector providing a wide range of ecological services including the collection and recovery of industrial waste streams.


Feralco Italia, based in Livorno, has production facilities both in Livorno and Millesimo and is a market leader in the production, sale and distribution of inorganic coagulants used extensively in the municipal and industrial water treatment sectors.


Ludovic Huitorel, CEO of Feralco AB and Amministratore Unico of Feralco Italia, highlights that this is an important acquisition in supporting the Group’s expanding involvement in the circular economy and related environmental activities and allows a broader range of services to be offered to the Company’s existing customer base..


Gianluigi De Bernardi General Manager of Feralco Italia, assumes the role of General Director of ECO92



For information you can contact:

Eng. Gianluigi De Bernardi – - +39 335 7168578