Feralco develops water treatment products and systems for local governments and industries in Europe. The company has maintained good profitability through the year, albeit harsher market conditions. “Given tough competition and negative currency impacts, we are still excited to deliver a strong result,” say Stephen Childs and Ludovic Huitorel, who run the Feralco Group.

Water treatment is a fast-changing industry characterised by ever-escalating competition.

“Heading into the new financial year, we will tackle new challenges within certain key areas and markets. Competition has intensified in Central Europe, particularly in Germany, and we foresee greater efforts from our colleagues to consolidate and strengthen the industry,” say Stephen Childs and Ludovic Huitorel.

As a leading player in the industry, Feralco is committed to growing its market share. At the same time, we have started to investigate related business areas to determine if possible diversification opportunities are present, based on existing products and current customer base. However, the strategy for the coming year remains in place.

“We continue to deliver to the major cities in Europe, thanks to our reliable and affordable solutions. This is obviously something our customers expect and we are constantly striving to improve in this respect.”

Feralco is currently represented in nine European countries. The company also has a joint venture, Akferal, with Akkim Chimcals in Turkey.

“Our presence in various markets, combined with the fact that we meet fundamental needs of the European peoples, has proven a strong and reliable formula for success for the company.”

During the year, the Feralco team has been strengthened with new and experienced members, providing new perspectives on the business and new opportunities in 2018.

“The leadership team at Feralco remains optimistic and we envisage the company continuing to advance its market positions with strong support from Mellby Gård,” conclude Stephen Childs and Ludovic Huitorel.