We care about a healthy and open culture, where each employee has a responsibility to comply with applicable regulations and to act ethically. We can resolve many situations by talking to each other as soon as they arise. However, sometimes things can happen that requires a completely different kind of management.

Nevertheless, it is important for us that problems or more serious issues are disclosed, so that we, as an organization, have the opportunity to act. In more serious cases, such as various types of misconduct, or where health and life may be at risk, it is important that this is revealed as soon as possible.

As an employee or partner, you are a key factor in this work. This is why we are offering you this opportunity to file whistleblower reports to an external, independent consultant, and the opportunity to be subject to full anonymity.

We aren’t obligated to open a whistleblower channel, but we believe it’s important to be informed about any serious irregularity as soon as possible to minimize the risk of personal injury, material damage and damage to intellectual property as well as damage to the Group´s reputation.

How to report

You can decide if you wish to submit your report via a web form, or by phone. Reports can be filed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A report filed through Trumpet is always handled with the same degree of anonymity and the highest level of confidentiality.

If you choose to submit your report through Trumpets web form you follow the link below. A report submitted through phone or letter is handled a bit differently than the one through the web channel. You can read more about this in our whistleblower policy.

Link to submit a report